About Legacy Ozarks

Legacy Ozarks is an appraisal and estate sale service serving Springfield, MO and the surrounding areas. Being a family-owned business means that we understand trust and transparency are crucial. You’ll know exactly what you are getting into before any work is done. No surprises. No catch.

Estate Sales

You can take one thing off of your list of worries: the estate sale. When you hire Legacy’s Estate Team, you can trust that we’ll take care of your family’s things, price them fairly, and get the most money out of your estate.

Estate sales are the perfect solution for those looking to downsize, relocate or when the unfortunate death of a love one happens. Our team handles every aspect of the in-home sale from start to finish. We organize all the contents of the house, price every item, advertise extensively, then host a professional and well attended estate sale. After the sale you receive a list of items sold, a check for the proceeds and a home ready to list! We handle everything so that you may have peace  of mind to think about other important decisions. Each estate is personal to us as we know it is personal to our clients. We work closely with the family to assure a timely and profitable endeavor for all involved.

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Appraisal Services

We can appraise any piece of personal property using trade resources and recent sales comparatives. This appraised value can be used for sales, insurance, or even to be included in trusts and estates.

Our services provide an impartial third party to help eliminate many disputes which may arise from differences of opinions among the parties as to valuation of the objects of personal property. Whether this be for the equitable distribution of personal property from the reading of a will or the unfortunate parting of ways after a divorce decree. There are times when sentiment gets in the way of reality in valuing personal property. That is when a professional appraiser can help to bring a file to more amicable settlement. Probate appraisal reports can be done for the attorneys, spouses, trusts, banks, the heirs and / or members of the family.

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